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Monday, July 22, 2024


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Most of the major business schools have initiated career placement schemes for the benefit of graduating alumni. Even otherwise, any organization that requires management skills for its smooth operation would prefer to employ an MBA degree holder to any other. Increasing development activity has also given rise to a number of new industrial ventures, all of which require trained and experienced professional managerial executives at lower, middle and top levels. MBA degree holders can therefore join as executive or assistant managers in any of the following:

Industrial houses/manufacturing companies
Business houses/corporations
Export or trading companies
Marketing organizations
Financial concerns
Public sector enterprises
Multinational corporations
Larger development agencies/non-governmental organizations, including international agencies like the World Bank, UNICEF and other UN bodies, OXFAM etc.


Some management professionals, after gaining experience in an organization, choose to venture out on their own in:

Consultancy Services

This term covers a very wide scale of activity, and could include:

Analysis of management practices.
Feasibility studies for new ventures.
Drawing up plans for organization of operations and staff.
Planning marketing strategy.
Devising ways to improve the quality of products and services.
Providing technological or other expertise.
Providing services such as recruitment, etc.

Own Business

Entrepreneurship though rewarding, is risky. Fresh management graduates are therefore usually advised to start their own business only after having gained enough organizational experience.


A career in business management promises great scope for growth and challenge. While Western economies have already reached saturation point and now are on the decline, Indian industry is still in its growth phase. This current rate of expansion is expected to continue until at least the end of
the twenty-first century. 

At present, professional colleges turn out approximately 10,000 managers each year. The current requirement is for at least half a million per annum. This number is likely to increase in direct proportion to our rate of industrial growth. MBA graduates are quickly absorbed into the professional mainstream, and can look forward to bright prospects in the future.


Virtually every career offers management opportunities. Specialists can branch out into fields such as management consultancy, market research and advertising.

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