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Privacy Policy values your privacy. eSiksha, its affiliates and advertisers are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. This statement of policy discloses our continued support for and commitment to the responsible management of consumer information. 

This Statement applies only to information collected on the web site. It does not speak about's practices for information collected elsewhere or the practices of any third parties, including those who operate sites on' behalf and that display branding.


While registering at the site you may be asked to provide certain personal information either in the various ‘fields’ of the on-line registration (sign-up) form or in some other electronic manner. This data could include your name, email address, date of birth and gender.

eSiksha uses this information

  • to make the service more meaningful.

  • to keep you regularly updated with the latest developments at the Site by email newsletters. Remember, you can always opt not to receive, or to discontinue receiving, direct mailings by mailing us.

  • for your convenience so that the next time you visit our site you do not have to fill in the information again. 

All such information is treated as personal and private, i.e., it is never shared, distributed, transmitted, sold or otherwise propagated to any person, company, firm, authority or entity, EXCEPT in cases of reported violations of our Terms of Service or applicable law or statute or compelled by a court order to do so or as otherwise set out herein. 

We never run any kind of check or verification on the information you provide, unless you are minor. We therefore do insist that you use our service responsibly (and when you sign up you signify in your agreement that you will do so) in a manner that does not violate our User Agreement. 


We assure you that this site has no material that is meant for “adult” audiences. There is no obscene, pornographic or sexually explicit material on this site and there never will be. 


eSiksha does obtain some non-personally  identifiable information such as the Internet Service Provider  you use to connect to the Internet, your browser type, or the  type of computer operating system you use (Macintosh or  Windows, for example). The information collected by eSiksha is used to target ads and assess ad-effectiveness on behalf of our advertisers.  

In the interests of security and maintenance, eSiksha routinely logs Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. When you visit the site, servers log your IP address, which is used for, among other things, systems administration and aggregated usage reports. 


Like almost every site on the Internet, eSiksha too makes limited use of cookies. eSiksha cannot use cookies to identify you personally in any way.  Cookies  as you know, are small program files that reside on your computer. Every time you log in to the eSiksha site, the cookie on your computer reports whether or not you have been to the Site before and whether or not you are a registered user. If you are, the cookie speeds you through the access and login process and enables us to preserve your preferences. Cookies are also used to moderate or customize site content, promotions and advertising and to do market research. 

You always have the option NOT to accept cookies at any time. Your browser help manual will tell you how to flush all the cookies on your system if you wish to. Rejecting cookies will not noticeably affect your experience as an unregistered visitor. 


eSiksha circulates a periodic email newsletter and engages in direct mailing. Such mail contains information we believe to be interesting and useful, including special offers, advance information of upcoming events and features and site update reports. 

The newsletter is not “spam” (unsolicited bulk mailing). eSiksha is as firmly committed to combat spam as it is to protecting your privacy. The newsletter is a purely “opt-in” or optional newsletter. You can choose to receive or not receive it at the time of registration. None of the facilities we offer depend on the choice you make about the newsletter. You can also “opt-out” of the newsletter at any time by following a simple procedure: either by sending an email to a designated address or by visiting a section of our website. Every newsletter contains, at its foot, information and directions for opting out of the newsletter. 


eSiksha works with several third parties to serve advertisements and provide other services to this site. Each of these services manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads and providing services on this site. These third parties have restricted access to our databases.

Note that clicking through or visiting a banner link will subject you to the privacy policy of the party placing the link or banner. This policy may be radically different from ours and we hold no responsibility for the same.


1 Statutory Requirements and Lawsuits. Your personal information may be disclosed to statutory bodies or courts if required; or if feels it is necessary to protect itself and its rights, or for any enforcement procedure.

2 Prohibitions. You are absolutely prohibited for collecting, using, storing or otherwise deploying any personal information about other users on this site for any purpose whatever.

3 Robots. Using robots, scripts or other automated procedures for any purpose is strictly forbidden.

4 No Spam. You may not use any user ids or email addresses for unsolicited mail under any circumstances. In particular, you cannot solicit users to your website if it competes with ours.

5 Inadvertence Excepted. Inadvertent use or disclosure of your information not in consonance with this statement does not entitle you to any remedies other than a request for co-operative rectification.

6 Interceptions. We take no responsibility for intercepted transmissions.

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