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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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In an age when image consciousness holds the key to success the scope and influence of public relations is constantly widening. This is, in practice, an image building exercise that can apply to anything from companies and products to people, projects or ideas. Its main components are social contact and communication, and perhaps for these reason public relations is perceived as a glamorous and alluring career. 

This is a competitive area, where women have done extremely well and opportunities are almost unlimited for imaginative and ambitious young people.


Public relations are practiced in different areas to achieve a variety of objectives. Some of these are:

The Corporate Sector

Where the aim is to portray an organization as more than a profit-making venture. This is done by publicizing corporate attitudes and activities as beneficial to society.

The Public Sector

To assure policy makers and the people in general that public funds are being used productively and in the larger interests of the nation.

The Government

The main objective in public relations is to convince people that schemes or policies being implemented are for the greater good of the community.

Tourism /Hospitality Industry

Lays great stress on public relations to positively influence attitudes towards a destination or place of stay.


Many companies begin to project the benefits of a product well before its launch, to ensure its immediate acceptance by promoters, distributors, retailers and consumers, when the brand reaches the market.

Project /Schemes

Usually to allay fears of the organization's employees; residents in the area of implementation; and the public at large; on the effects of the scheme.

Public Figures

To enhance the image of prominent personalities like movie stars, sports persons, authors, musicians or politicians with the objective of increasing their following and furthering their careers.

Lobbies /Pressure Groups /Causes

This is relatively new in India and requires specialized knowledge of and commitment to the cause. It involves strategies used by special interest groups or activists in areas like environment, human rights, political ideology, education, children's welfare-to raise public consciousness by publicizing the issue and thereby to influence policy makers, sometimes by lobbying on a one-to-one basis to take action regarding the cause. 

This also includes charities and social work organizations that are becoming increasingly professionalised in their appeals for public support.

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