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Tuesday, June 28, 2022


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Although it is possible to get a job in public relations with out any formal training, candidates who specialize in the field face much better prospects.


An attractive personality; a liking for people; sociability; ability to get on with all kinds of people; courtesy and good manners; a calm temperament; ability to stay polite always even under provocation/pressure; ability to speak and write well; imagination; enterprise; initiative; good news sense, sense of salesmanship; tact; good organizing ability. Ability to take quick decisions and also find immediate solutions if matters go awry.


A specialized diploma in public relations is not absolutely necessary for a career in this field. Many companies hire graduates with a general college education. Preferred disciplines are sociology, psychology, economics, marketing and business management. 

However, due to increasing competition for jobs more students are beginning to enroll in public relations courses as an additional specialization. Most public relations courses are post-graduate courses.

Training institutions

Various universities and educational institutions conduct courses in public relations. 


BA degree in any discipline, preferably with social sciences liberal arts and humanities subjects. Those appearing for their degree examination are also admitted on the basis of a provisional certificate from their university. Preference is given to students with post-graduate degrees in any
discipline and experience in related work.

Selection Process

On the basis of marks obtained at graduation.

Duration of Training

Approximately one academic year.

Academic Programme

Includes education in communication methods, marketing, advertising, public relations, history-as well as knowledge of the mass media, role of research, news editing, writing, media planning, graphics and production. 

Course includes a practical training period approximating one month with a public sector organization, advertising agency or other independent company. Some institutions also conduct short-term and refresher courses for those working in the field or wishing to make a career change. 

Classes have approximately thirty students, and course fees are Rs 2,000, payable in installments.

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