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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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With the rapid increase in population, increasing disruption of the natural environment and heightened pollution, there is greater awareness of the need for protecting our natural resources.

The principle that current economic progress should not endanger the prospect of future generations has fostered the business of environmental protection. The efforts towards clean air, water protection, noise abatement, waste management, pollution control and the like, require new
goods and services, thus creating many fresh jobs. Environmental science, as a profession, promises tremendous employment opportunities for environmental scientists. 

As a discipline, it is a composite of both the natural and the social sciences; its roots are in natural history and the science of ecology. Resource management and resource technology are also significant features of environmental science. 

With the realization that our resources are finite, there is also the awareness that our lifestyles affect the environment and that we need to adopt an attitude of stewardship in order to make our resources last as long as possible. Demography is, therefore, linked with the study of environmental science. 

Opportunities in this field are immense, not only for environmental scientists, but also for environmental engineers, environmental biologists, environmental modelers, as well as environmental journalists. 

Women, too, can play an important role in this field, not only as environmental scientists, but also as organizers of public opinion in favor of basic civic sense and the maintenance of hygienic conditions, as also in favor of energy conservation. 

Very often, environmental scientists and non-governmental organizations form coalitions with various feminist groups, human rights advocates, anti-nuclear weapon protestors and other such public interest groups.

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