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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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Agriculture is the most dominant sector in the Indian economy. Although its share in the national. produce has declined from over fifty per cent during the fifties to around thirty-five per cent in recent years, it continues to be more than twice as important as the manufacturing sector, as a 
proportion of national income. 

The agriculture sector employs more than two-thirds of the labour force and has vital supply and demand links with the manufacturing sector. It is the source not only of food, but also of raw materials to the manufacturing sector. While the farmer cultivates the land and grows plants, industries process, distribute and transport farm products and farm supplies. 

Scientists applying the principles of biochemistry, genetics or microbiology provide the technological support for the development of new and high-yielding varieties of agricultural products to feed, clothe and house a growing population. Agriculture is a vast and diversified industry and encompasses so many areas, that there are numerous careers for young people to consider in this field. 

With the opening up of the Indian economy, the potential for growth in this sector has witnessed a further increase. There exists a large demand, both domestic and international, for agri-based products. Given the increasing expansion there exists a need not only for farmers and people working directly in the fields but also for specialists in rural management. 

It is also vital to have people engaged in research and development, so as to further the potential of this sector. A great many people are involved in related professions such as horticulture, sericulture, floriculture etc., which are very lucrative professions to be in.


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