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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


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For years sport was considered a recreational activity, or at best a hobby. Even those who pursued state and national level honors did so more for the love of the sport, than as a deliberate professional pursuit. Prize money was limited and few could eke out a living from the sports field.

However, with more money coming into sport, those with potential and talent can now consider a sporting career. Sponsorships, scholarships, prize money, contracts endorsements, revenue from TV telecasts and awards have all boosted the prospects for careers in sport. 

As in the other areas there is stiff competition in this field but it nevertheless has much to offer to the talented and trained sports person. There are also a limited number of sports that provide the financial support that enables talented players to earn a living. 

While the gender gap is narrowing in other professional fields, in sports, women are still assumed to be less talented than men. Men's events are more prestigious and carry higher prize money than those of women. The media too takes little notice of women's sporting achievements. Although the situation is improving in sports like tennis, w y en still have a long way to go before making it professional in the sports, field. 


A career in sports can cover one of the three following areas, although many sportsmen combine two or more: 

Players, or participants who play in a professional capacity. 
Umpires, coaches and physical education teachers. 
Administrators and officials. 

The player's career ends the earliest, generally around 35-40 years. Many players extend their careers by becoming coaches, or administrators.

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