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Tuesday, June 28, 2022


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The career opportunities are specific to an individual's field of specialization.

Individuals specializing in criminology and correctional administration, will find employment opportunities in prisons, social welfare and other departments of the state governments, certified schools, reformatories etc.

Family and child welfare specialists can work with government and voluntary agencies in the field of women and child welfare, as counselors in various organizations in the areas of marriage and other related problems, such as family planning.

Specialists in the area of urban and rural community development are qualified to work in the administrative and field positions in community development in agencies operated by the government, municipalities and national/international voluntary agencies.

Medical and psychiatric social workers find placements in hospitals, child clinics, drug rehabilitation centers, special schools, family welfare agencies, research organizations colleges and industries. Many professionals from this area of specialization who have had sufficient experience independently work as counselors or therapists.

A Master's degree in social work can also get a candidate a job in the industrial/corporate sector. In fact, this sector has been among the first to realize the potential value of a Master's degree in social work. Nowadays organizations specifically ask for MSWs for their human resource department. MSWs in turn fit into the human resource department very comfortably as labour welfare officers, personnel officers and so on.


There is no clear-cut career graph in the case of those who have opted for a career in social work. It depends upon the kind of organization that a person is working for. However those employed in big firms with personnel departments can rise to very high levels.


Counseling, teaching.



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