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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


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Printing is one of the oldest and perhaps the most commonly used forms of visual communication-its origins dating back to the wooden block impressions of sixth-century China. It was the German, Johann Gutenberg however, who in the fifteenth century, revolutionized the concept of copy reproduction, by introducing the first moveable type. 

Since then, printing has developed, changed and grown into the high technology processes we see today. Printing is a craft that combines aesthetic sensibility with technical skill. It has been called the meeting place of art and science. Still, it remains essentially an industry. Almost any material can be printed and a variety of methods are employed for this. Some are as old as printing itself but the technology continues to

India has seen a recent spurt in the number of career openings in this industry. This is due to the combined effect of a spiraling demand for print jobs, and the introduction of new technologies. According to the All India Printer's Organization, there are about 50,000 printing presses of all sizes in the country. They employ around 50 lakh people in a variety of capacities. Approximately one-third of all press workers are in printing craft occupations. 

Others include artists, photographers, engineers, maintenance, mechanics, labor, dispatchers as well as business and personnel managers. Traditionally, the printing press has been a male preserve and women are only just beginning to enter though some quite successfully so. It has also become a new area for entrepreneurship for young people wanting to branch out on their own.

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