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Thursday, August 11, 2022


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The Work

The work of personnel in the export and import industry involves a range of functions. Production, invoicing, packing, transport and shipping, marketing and documentation are some of the various tasks that are involved. 

Nature of Work


The export manager looks after the export section of a company. The manager should be able to handle the various aspects of exports with different agencies. The manager is responsible for matters relating to exports, incentives, drawbacks, credits etc.


Executives are responsible for dealing with buyers/agents in local and international markets. They
should be aware of documentation and procedures regarding cash compensatory support, advance license etc.


A documentation assistant has to deal with export promotion councils, shipping agents etc.
The assistant should be fully conversant with export documentation work.


The purchase officer is responsible for purchasing the raw material for manufacturing a product.
Merchant exporters require purchase officers for selecting exportable merchandise for exports. The purchase officer should have a sound knowledge of local and outside markets, and of buying materials used for manufacturing the export product.


The channelising agencies like the State Trading Corporation enroll exporters as their business associates. These associates are in contractual agreement to supply goods. In order to minimize expenses and overcome problems of language, government rules and regulations, companies appoint sales agents on the basis of commission. 

These agents help exporters to constantly assess the market. They also provide consultancy services. They give advice on appropriate methods and strategies for selling their products in the concerned territories.


A manufacturer is one who manufactures the item, which could be for sale in the export market. The manufacturer has to arrange finances, establish production units and employ workers to produce the product. The manufacturer produces items according to standards of international business. 

After production the manufacturer sells the product to exporters or business agents. There are also manufacturers who sell their products directly to various countries. A large number of manufacturers export products so as to fulfill the minimum export requirement in order to import certain goods or raw materials that they require.


Inspectors are responsible for the quality control of the product to be exported. They check the samples of raw materials and the quality of the finished product. The inspector has to ensure that the product quality meets international standards. The services of an inspector are also required by those who import products. The inspector in this case has to ensure that the goods that have been imported are of the stipulated quality.

Main Areas

Professionals in this field can work in buying houses, export units, the international business division of various multinational companies. A large number of people open export houses of their own after gaining some work experience. Those who want to work in the government sector would
find opportunities in the STC and MMTC.

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